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Our Philosophy

     As a long-lived terminal cancer survivor, my dearest friend Susan has had to clean up her already clean ways of living, including shedding the various stresses of daily life. Alternative cancer treatments have brought her this far, but they’re costly, insurance doesn’t cover them and she was let go from work. With little money of my own but lots of love and a desire to heal, I decided the best way to help her and show her how much I love her was to figure out a way to make money while offering her a more stress-free environment… at home, building her own small business, doing something fun while making people smile and laugh! At that time, I quickly found my passion for creating high quality soaps and body care products.

     Crafting natural products is our way of providing safe, high- quality skin care for ourselves and our loved ones. Having family members with extreme cases of painful, dry, cracked and often bleeding skin, we were very pleased when we learned that our products had helped relieve their symptoms as well. They worked so well for us, our family and friends, we decided to make them available to other like-minded, health-conscious people! Wiener Friendly soap is the best organic soap we've found!

     One night, while musing over the finer points of life, we shared memories of the “burning” caused by using synthetic detergent “soaps” in our childhoods (and how we’ve since learned ways around that problem!). A few laughs-in-the-shower later, Wiener Friendly Soap was born!  Your search for the best organic soap is over!

How We Became Wiener Friendly Soap

There simply is no higher quality soap available, as we use only all-natural, organic ingredients and leave every bit of the emollient, luxurious glycerin in each bar! It is our sincerest hope to help as many people as possible enjoy better health by offering top quality products and information in an effort to reduce the toxins in and on our bodies, allowing for natural health restoration.  And a good laugh never hurt, either.

Meat the Staff


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