What the heck is "Wiener Friendly Soap"?

     - Wiener Friendly Soap, quite simply, means it's gentle or "friendly" on sensitive areas of the body.  Women have wieners too, if you just think a little outside the box.

Can I wash my hair with it?

     - YES!  We wash our hair with it all the time, but keep in mind that it acts as a somewhat volumizing shampoo.

Are there any safety considerations?

     - None in addition to any other standard bar of soap... you know, things like "keep it out of your eyes", "for external use only"...

What's IN your soap?

     - Our soap is made with water and sustainable, organic oils of olive, palm, coconut and castor.  The cold process soapmaking tradition saponifies these oils, releasing the glycerin from the triglycerides - this is why the soap feels so luxurious on your skin! 

Do you make a shaving soap?

     - We shave with this very same soap, and it leaves our skin feeling soft and smooth.

Why is it unscented?

     - First off, some scents just aren't Wiener Friendly.  Aside from that, many people have sensitivities to perfumes and other additives in modern-day "soaps".  You might seek medical attention if your wiener needs to be scented.  Also, you're just washing the scent right down the drain, which we feel is just wasteful.  Wiener Friendly is a philosophy as much as a catchy phrase, if not much more!

Ha -ha... so why do you call them Wieners?

     - 'cuz it's funny.

Soooo, how do you know it's Wiener Friendly?
     - All new recipes are put to the test...

What's the weirdest thing you've done with your Wiener?

     - Brush our teeth.  It's quite foamy!

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FAQs - Why we're a different breed with The Best Organic Soap

Does your soap have a speed limit?

     - We're not quite sure what that means, but we HAVE had one gentlemen mention that he can wash his wiener just as fast as he wants to.

How long will my soap last?

     - Your Wiener's lifetime will vary somewhat from person to person (some bathe more than others), and from household to household due to different environmental conditions.  Being a natural soap, there are no preservatives.  Use it up, we'll make more!

What does "R.C." stand for?

     - Ohhh, that's our pal Richard Cranium!  He can be a pretty hard-headed pain in the rear, but we love him anyhow.  He's got a little friend as well, who goes by "D.J."  It's probably not much of a stretch to figure that one out.

You seem awfully fascinated with Wieners...

     - Well, they ARE half the reason why we're all here to talk about them!